Glocalize content

In today’s times, where international competition between companies is fiercer than ever, glocalization is increasingly important. The concept of glocalization in the marketing world translates into adapting the content / marketing activities to the different markets and target groups. In order to set up profitable marketing campaigns, it is essential that the content is closely aligned and attuned to the local target group. This includes taking language, figures, dates, currencies and cultural differences, customs and traditions into account.

At Leads International, we bring your content to life in any language. Our team is active in more than 50 countries and translates content into over 20 languages. From product launches to web content, we tackle content and optimize it for any language to suit local audiences. Where a translation agency literally translates your content, we go further. We take care of a complete translation with the local markets and (if necessary) with the right keywords. To guarantee the quality of the localized texts, the translations are done by local professionals; they speak the language of your local target group and in this way make your brand/message a local success.

Good collaboration is our key to success. Our professionals enjoy communicating with you and thinking along with you. This way we can also market your company on a local level!


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