United Kingdom

Online marketing in the United Kingdom

Although the British no longer belong to the EU, they spend the most online per person in Europe. It may seem like a joke, but the rainy weather is one of the reasons many Brits like to shop from home. However, there are several reasons for the UK’s great e-commerce success: the excellent digital infrastructure (including IT security and data protection regulations), the competitive and service-oriented market, the English language and the country’s geographical location.

Cultural differences

The British see themselves as polite, educated and subdued people. You absolutely must take this into account in your communication and on your website. Never be too direct, stay formal and really show that you are a professional company. Depending on the business in which you are active, you can afford a certain degree of ‘casual behaviour’, but this is by no means the case in every sector.

Working together

When it comes to online opportunities, the English, Scots and Irish are by no means mavericks. That is why it is a hugely important market for European companies with international ambitions. Think of it as the ‘gateway to America’.

We have been advising, guiding and supporting entrepreneurs and marketeers in (complex) marketing issues in the United Kingdom for almost 20 years. The coordination is based in Tilburg, but what makes Leads International truly unique are our native English marketing colleagues who live and work in the United Kingdom. Thus, our local specialists can be deployed from the local market for a variety of activities such as: advising and executing Google Ads / Social Advertising / SEO marketing campaigns, but also professional translations, qualitative local link building, local keyword analyses and of course obtaining the right online authority. You can also come to us on the basis of consultancy. We can advise you perfectly on what steps to take to effectively explore and conquer the UK market.

Think global, act local: because that’s the only way to make marketing effective!

Leads International is een no-nonsense bureau dat enorm gefocusseerd is op resultaat. Toen we met elkaar in contact kwamen, stelden ze zelf voor te beginnen met een proefperiode van 3 maanden. Dat vind ik mooi, want daarmee dwingen ze zichzelf tot geen woorden maar daden. We werken dan ook heel graag met ze.

J. KaterFounder Voicebooking.com