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Reliability is very important to our eastern neighbors. If you have a website or webshop which you want to conquer the German market, you must pay very close attention to reliability.

What is an „Impressum“?

Since 1997 it is obligated by the German media law (The Telemediengesetz) to show an Impressum on every online channel where you communicate with a potential German customer. This applies to every professional website, which is commercially active in the German market. An Impressum is more a business card of your company and therefore it is for Germany citizens very important to gain the trust of your German visitors. Like in The Netherlands we include our KVK number in most of our communication expressions, because the identity of a company must always be traceable by a consumer. The Germans gave this its own name: Impressum. Without valid company information on a website for German consumers, you risk a fine up to 5,000 euros.

How does an Impressum page actually look like?

An Impressum consists of the following items:

  • Name of the organization/owner, who manage the website.
    The full trade name and name(s) of the owner, as it also appears in the trade register.
  • Address details of the headquarters.
  • If applicable, a separate mailing address (optional).
  • Full name of director or representative.
  • Contact details, where visitors can contact you, such as company name, email address and telephone number. Place separate contact information for the press as well, if applicable.
  • Regulatory companies (e.g. the local Chamber of Commerce).
  • The Chamber of Commerce number of your company.
  • The VAT number of your company.
  • The bank details of your company (optional).
  • And the person responsible for the content of your website, for example the content manager or editor.

On the Imprint page you can also place your disclaimer and copyright. You want to create one for your own website? Fill in the form below.

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