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Online marketing in Germany

With its stable economy and its location in the heart of Europe, Germany sure is an interesting market from every angle. E-commerce is widely popular amongst the Germans, and due to the large population of German-speakers, many specific platforms and customs developed online. While cultural differences between the Netherlands and Germany seem minor at first glance, the devil is in the detail: German customers have high demands when it comes to their online activities, and their cultural particularities should be considered in order to succeed in this competitive market.



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Payment methods

Offering the right payment methods can be absolutely essential to your online success: 72% Germans reported in a survey that they would suspend their online purchase if their preferred payment methods was not available. 

Most popular payment methods in Germany are:
1. Paypal (63%)
2. Invoice(49%)
3. Debit Advice ‘Lastschrift’ (26%)
4. Credit card (24%)
5. ‘Sofort Überweisung‘ (direct transfer) 13%
IDeal, however, is not used in Germany. 

Cultural differences

Traits of German culture are also reflected online: good quality and reliability are highly valued, a German translation of international websites as well as using the correct pronoun (‘Sie’ or ‘Du’) is expected; a punctual delivery will also be rewarded with a positive review. Quality is not only ensured through reviews, but also by applying for official, industry-related certificates.

Online behaviour

Due to the large German-speaking population and high competition, Germans are used to researching and shopping in their own language and on their own platforms. is one of the most popular online shops, followed by Zalando and Otto; and there is a German equivalent for LinkedIn called ‘Xing‘ that should also not be neglected.



Pay good attention to the ‘Impressum’ – always have complete legal information on your website before launching it to the German market!