Online marketing in France

The appeal of the French market is undeniable: with the second largest population, the second largest GDP in the European Union and a remarkably high Internet penetration, France is a promising market area for companies planning to expand. Unlike other European online markets, there are still plenty of opportunities for new developments in France and the cost per click is still lower than, for example, in the United Kingdom and Germany. But don’t be fooled. Despite its geographical proximity, the French market is complex and multifaceted. It is essential to look beyond the commonly known stereotypes of the croissant eating Frenchman in order to succeed in the long term.

Tip: A large majority of French online shoppers dotn’t make purchases on websites that don’t feature the French language.

Cultural differences

Excusez-moi, s’il vous plaît, de vous déranger, mais je ne parle pas bien francais’

French (business) culture is called rather formal and traditional, with authoritative hierarchical structures and a strict etiquette that has to be taken into account. Respect for the French language is just as important as a strong focus on individuality and information exchange.

Working together

France is a large European country with a very large target group that can offer you as an entrepreneur or marketer a lot of online opportunities.

We have been advising, guiding and supporting entrepreneurs and marketers on marketing issues in France for almost 20 years. The coordination is based in Tilburg, but what makes us truly unique are our native French marketing colleagues who live and work in France. Our local specialists can be deployed from the local market for numerous marketing activities such as: performing Google Ads and Social Advertising campaigns, improving your organic findability in but also professional translations, qualitative local link building, support for performance campaigns, local keyword analyses and of course obtaining the right online authority.

Think global, act local: because that’s the only way to make marketing effective!