Payment methods

Offering the locally preferred payment methods can establish trust and ensure new customers of high quality service.

The most popular payment methods in Spain are the following:
1. Credit & Debit card (37%)
2. Cash on delivery (23%)
3. Micro payment services (22%)
4. Internet Banking Transfer (7%)
5. Other (4%)
6. Invoice (3%)
7. Mobile (3%)
8. Instalments (1%)

Cultural differences

In general, the Spanish are very open and communicative people who highly value personal relationships and their cultural heritage. Foreigners having the first contact with Spain might stumble upon the different business hour (which include a siesta), the strict hierarchical structures and local cultural differences: Regions such as Catalonia, Basque country or Galicia have a very distinct local identity that needs to be taken into account when doing business in Spain!

Online behaviour

The Spanish are international shoppers – most popular products bought abroad are clothing, accessories and footwear, computer hardware, DVDs or video games. Mobile commerce is up and coming: 7% report to have purchased products through their smart phone – compared to 3% in the Netherlands, that is quite significant.