Payment methods

To reach the full potential of the Swedish market, offering local payment methods is essential.

Most popular payment methods in Sweden are:

1. Invoice (37%)
2. Credit card (35%)
3. Direct transfer (20%)
4. PayPal (5% procent)
5. COD (1%)

Cultural differences

The Swedes are seen as a very trend-sensitive people. This also makes Sweden the perfect test market for new products and services. The Swedes attach great importance to reliability, durability and safety. The Swedes therefore see Swedish webshops as more reliable than foreign webshops. It is thus essential that you target your website and webshop to the Swedish audience.


Online behaviour

In Sweden the online spendings are relatively high, just like in the rest of Scandinavia. As a result, Swedes spend approximately 50% more online than the Dutch. Furthermore, the Swedes pay a lot of attention to the mobile sector. In recent years, mobile usage has increased enormously and it is therefore crucial that you optimize your online marketing for mobile devices. Prices in Sweden are relatively high compared to the rest of Europe. As a result, Swedes are price-conscious and pay a lot of attention to prices in webshops. Additionally, Swedes like seeing clear product information, a good search funtion and easy navigation in webshops.



"Ze zijn erg innovatief, pro-actief en resultaatgedreven. Ze nemen ook echt de tijd voor je om wekelijks de lokale mogelijkheden en resultaten met je te bespreken om het rendement van de campagnes te verhogen. Kortom een hele fijne partner voor onze internationale ambities."

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