Payment methods

To reach the full potential of the Danish market, offering local payment methods is essential.

Most popular payment methods in Denmark are:
1. Visa / Dankord (77%)
2. Credit card (20%)
3. Visa Electron (2%)
4. Forbrugsforeningskort (Danish credit card) (1%)

Cultural differences

Many similarities can be found between Dutch and Danish culture: The Danish are known to be a very tolerant society; direct, informal and open in their communication. Organisation structures are usually characterised by flat hierarchies and working independently. The Danish are humble, people, ‘bragging’ about your personal success to peers is not appreciated

Online behaviour

One out of two Danes between 30 and 49 shops online every month. Denmark is a very digitally savvy nation with one of the worlds best IT infrastructures and a large spending power. When entering the Danish market, companies should be prepared to live up to the high Scandinavian standards. Furthermore, Danish highly value clear communication of the total price, return policy and shipment costs as well as respect towards their privacy and personal details.