Payment methods

To succeed online in Norway it is very important that you offer the right payment methods. The following payment methodds are the most popular in Norway:

Most popular payment methods in Norway:
1. Credit card and Debit card (54%)
2. Postpay (18%)
3. Direct payment / SEPA transfer (13%)
4. PayPal (1%)
5. Other payment methods eg: eWallet, Paysafecard (4%) 

Cultural differences

Norway has a horizontal individualist culure. The emphasis in this culture is equality and being unique is greatly appreciated. The Norwegian culture values family a lot and women are highly appreciated. This is reflected in the fact that men and women earn almost the same in Norway and that women can get paid maternity leave up to one year. Furthermore the Norwegian culture is called informal and modest.

Online behaviour

Due to the high product prices in Norway, compared with the Netherlands, the average online spendings in Norway are very high. The Norwegians spend online on average €2.592,- per person per year. This is worldwide the second highest average online spending amount after Hong Kong. The spending amount is therefore significantly higher than the average in the Netherlands (€ 1.185). The Norwegian e-commerce market is ranked as the tenth e-commerce market in Europe which makes it a very attractive market for your online business.