Payment methods

Offering the locally preferred payment methods can be essential to establishing online success.

Most popular payment methods in Austria:
1. Invoice (81%)
2. Credit card (30%)
3. Paypal (40%)
4. SOFORT Überweisung (22%)

Cultural differences

Many international companies entering the Austrian market simply ‘copy and paste’ their strategy for Germany. While this might seem like an easy solution, do not be fooled: Even though Austria and Germany are highly linked in trade relations, share many of the same values and what seems to be the same language, sensitivity to their distinct culture will get you a long way in Austria. A local .at domain, use of the correct local terms and research about their distinct holidays and customs might seem like small details but can really make a significant difference.

Online behaviour

Apart from high quality and a reasonable cost-benefit ratio, Austrian online shoppers value convenient shopping and return policies and detailed product descriptions. Austrians are international shoppers: 63% report to have purchased products online from foreign countries. Amazon is, therefore, a really important player to keep in mind when entering the Austrian market.