Project details

Client: Lisap Nederland BV
Sector: Fashion and E-commerce
Country: Germany
Marketing channels: Analytics, SEASocial Media
Targetgroup: Hairdressers


In the Netherlands, Euro.So.Cap is already market leader in hair extensions and accessories. After gaining over 40 years of experiences in the Dutch market and establishing an authority position in the hairdressing world, new challenges await: People all over the world like beautiful, voluminous hair for a competitive price. This is why the company decided to expand their horizon to their eastern neighbours, to the German market. But how do you transfer the authority, Euro So.Cap. has on the Dutch market, across borders?


To achieve the goals of Lisap we used the following strategy:

  • Facebook campaigns (advertisement and timeline posts)
  • Banner campaigns on relevant websites
  • SEA campaigns for the search network
  • Campaigns on Instagram and Pinterest