Cuba Incentives

Project details

Customer: Cuba Incentives
Sector: Travel
Country: Germany
Marketing activities: Translations, Analytics, SEO, SEA, Affiliate Marketing
Target group: German travellers to Cuba


In the Netherlands, CubaVisa got bigger and bigger and the applications grew rapidly. But after the Canadian tourists, the Germans travel the most to Cuba. At CubaVisa the question rose how to reach these travel-loving Germans. And that’s where Leads International came in to achieve their goal: “To realise the amount of Dutch applications in Germany”.


At a kick-off meeting with the customer we reviewed the key issues. We analyzed and adjusted the entire website to the German language to reach the German target audience. This makes the differences between the Dutch and the Germans very clear. After we adressed this we start with setting up the marketing campaigns. We used a phased approach to be able to measure all the effects and draw the right conclusions.