Voice Search

What is voice search?

Voice search makes it possible to speak in your search query where you would normally type it. Since you have spoken a search query much faster than you would have typed it, you will also get an answer faster. In the beginning, voice search was mainly used by the mobile phone. Nowadays there are many different devices available for your house which you can use with voice search.

Nobody will deny anymore that voice search will play an increasingly prominent role in the digital world. Voice search is already widely used in the United States and the United Kingdom and is beginning to take its place in the online marketing in other countries as well. But how can you ensure that your business is prepared for this trend?

How does it work?

It requires a proactive approach to optimize your website for voice search. It’s your job to communicate to the search engines who you are and what your offer is. You also have to convince the search engine that you are both reliable and the best possible option. How? The fact that search queries have become more human because of voice search ensures that you will have to adapt your website accordingly.

People use voice search as if they are talking to another person, so your website must also be able to answer the questions that people would ask in a conversation. Making content more humane, processing long-tail keywords and locally optimizing your SEO are all part of a voice search optimization of you website. Leads International will support you with the complete voice search-preparation of your website so that your business will be easily found through voice search.