Project details

Customer: YouChooz
Sector: Education
Country: The Netherlands
Marketing channels: SEO, Social media and e-mailmarketing
Target audience: Students and the parents of students


YouChooz had set up three specific goals:

  1. Increase the brand awareness of YouChooz
  2. Increase the online searchability of YouChooz
  3. Increase the user satisfaction on the website


To show what we are capable of at Leads International, we used various activities, from website development to e-mailmarketing, to achieve the goals of YouChooz. We started with the development of the website. We made the website more user-friendly, improved it visually and we optimized the content. After improving the website we started working on the online searchability. Due to the frequent presence of the target audience on social media, we have set up targeted ad campaigns on the various social media channels. We also used e-mail marketing to generate even more traffic to the website.