OCI Nitrogen

Project details

Client: OCI Nitrogen
Sector: Agricultural
Countries: The Netherlands, Germany and France
Marketing channels: SEO, linkbuilding en SEA
Target audience: Agrarische bedrijven
Website: www.ocinitrogen.com


OCI Nitrogen set-up three different goals:

  1. Improve the online searchability of OCI Nitrogen in the Netherlands, Germany and France
  2. Increase the online awareness of the Nutrinorm portal
  3. Get insight into the results and statistics of the websites and the portal


In order to achieve the goals of OCI Nitrogen we conducted various activities. Through monthly SEO activities, we increased the rankings of OCI Nitrogen in the search engines in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Furthermore, we put the Nutrinorm portal on the map through SEO and SEA activities. We started with a keyword and content analyses and optimized the portal based on the analysis. In order to further improve the rankings, we also conducted link building. In addition, we set up a targeted AdWords campaign to generate even more traffic to the website. Finally, we provided a Google Analytics training to make sure the staff of OCI Nitrogen got insight into the results and statistics.