Project details

Customer: Multi-Value
Sector: B2B
Country: The Netherlands and Germany
Marketing channels: SEO and SEA
Target audience: Businesses


The specific goal of Multi-Value was to achieve the first page in the search engines with the most important keywords in Germany and the Netherlands. Furthermore the number of visitors on both the German and Dutch website had to be increased.


In order to improve the searchability of Multi-Value in the Netherlands and Germany, a detailed analysis of the website for both languages was first conducted. Based on this analysis, the content and technical part of both websites have been optimized. To achieve a higher ranking in the search engines we started with linkbuilding and blogging on industry-specific websites about the phenomenon mystery shopping. This has resulted in the fact that most of the keywords of Multi-Value reached the first page in the search engines. In addition to the the SEO activities, we also used search engine advertising. Through the combination of targeted advertising campaigns and high rankings in Google, Multi-Value has established its name in the mystery shopping industry in the Netherlands and Germany.