Maxima Kitchen

Project details

Customer: Maxima Kitchen
Sector: B2B
Country: The Netherlands and Belgium
Marketing channels: SEA (Google and Bing), Display advertising, Google shopping
Target audience: Catering businesses and restaurant owners


Spangenberg International had two specific goals.
1. More insight in the measures and channels implemented in the current marketing strategy. Through good and clear communication and through our transparent process Spangenberg International has gained a good understanding of the marketing process.
2. Lower the costs per conversion. We started working on this right away.


To show that our qualities, transparent working method and good and clear communication are in line with the expectations of Maxima Kitchen Equipment we started with a test month to show our marketing process. During the test month, we analyzed and optimized the existing campaigns and improved the Google Shopping campaign. After a very successful test month we kept going and layed the foundation for Germany, France, England and Ireland. The SEA campaigns are now a lot more effective and efficient with their marketing budget. After this, we will keep expanding to other countries.