Ferm O Feed

Project details

Customer: Den Ouden Group
Sector: Agricultural
Countries: Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Estonia, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Oman, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, Russia, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uruguay and United Arab Emirates.
Marketing channels: Analytics, SEO, linkbuilding
Targetgroup: importers, traders, distribution centers, farmers’ organizations, garden centers, gardeners and governments
Website: www.fermofeed.com


The Den Ouden Group had only one wish for the Ferm O Feed website: “We want to reach a page one position with the keywords “organic fertilizer” and “organic fertilizers” in 30 countries. And we went to work on this challenge.


To make this a success, we started at the beginning. First up: the designing and building of an SEO proof, reliable and professional website for Ferm O Feed that is responsive and multilingual. For this, the statistics of the old website have been used to establish a good foundation. We prioritised a selection of countries that were most interesting for the client. After we thoroughly analysed which languages to use to create a global reach effectively. From there, we, together with our partners, improved the SEO web texts written in different languages. The technology and usability were already included in the construction of the website. To reach the international audience of Ferm O Feed we have focussed a new, fresh website to building authority in various countries.

Customer experience

“Leads International provided us with requests from all over the world” – Jurgen Den Ouden | Marketeer