United States

Payment methods

Offering the right payment methods can be absolutely essential to your online success: over 70% of the Americans reported that they would suspend their online purchase if their preferred payment methods was not available.

Most popular payment methods in the US are:
1. Credit card (43%)
2. Debit card (30%)
3. Paypal (30%)
4. Others(3%)

Cultural differences

In order to succeed on the US-American market, it is essential to understand the American customer. While we seem to be quite familiar with the US’ popular culture, there are more subtle cultural differences that have a significant effect on consumer behaviour and marketing perception. In general, US-Americans can be described as very positive and confident people, which also reflects in the language used in social media or marketing campaigns: from a European point of view, it sometimes seems ‘flashy‘, exaggerated and overly positive

Online behaviour

Even though there is a continuous growth in the online shopping market, there is no denying it: The financial crisis has had an effect on American e-commerce. This is probably why the cost-benefit-ratio is still a decisive factor in the purchasing decision and price comparison sites as well as coupon offers are highly popular. Another important factor for American consumers is the social media presence and customer-friendly shipping costs. The number of mobile shoppers is also rising: in 2016, 10% of the purchase made online were facilitated from a mobile device.