Payment methods

Offering the right payment methods establishes trust and enhances the probability of a purchase. In Poland, the preferred payment methods are as follows:

45% Cash on Delivery
35% Real-time bank transfer
10% Credit / Debit card
7% Regular Bank transfer
3% Other

Cultural differences

Compared to the Netherlands, in Poland, less separation of work and leisure time is common. Small talk and a focus on personal relations are more important to establish trust than ‘getting right down to business’. Nevertheless, the Polish are said to be incredibly hard-working and effective people, who value diplomacy and hierarchies in a business environment.

Online behaviour

People from Poland prefer local online stores to international ones: Even though they are eager online shoppers, 61% report to have never purchased a product from a foreign country online. Decisive for the purchase decision is also the delivering method: Courier delivery (64%), Postal delivery (21%) and delivery to an automatic pick-up point (11%)  are the most popular.