Business to Business

Do you want to expand your reach beyond your own borders?

There are a lot of things to consider when establishing international business relations and acquiring new international customers. Our experts at Leads International can help you establish your position internationally without intercultural faux pas. Also, if you are interested in doing business in the Netherlands, Leads International is the right partner.

Online Marketing with Leads International

Our experts at Leads International are well-versed in the B2B industry and are always up-to-date. Together with our international network, we can advise and support you in your online marketing campaign in the Business to Business sector, establish your company on relevant platforms, create a social media campaign or make your website more attractive to mobile users.

Online audit

Are you looking for new international customers? Please leave your details and we will make a free “online audit” for you.

Elle Schoenmakers

Elle, Head of International Marketing at Leads International. - She graduated in 2008 from Tilburg University (Digital Media) and is Registered Digital Marketeer (2013). Already more then twelve years active in the dynamic world of online marketing. Elle's specialty is online marketing across boundaries. She is a lot in contact with international marketing specialists all over the globe and with companies who would like to expand their businesses abroad. She combines this perfectly with her passion for travelling, exploring the world and getting inspired by all those different cultures.